Sparkling stone jewels

The popular Guntrams show garden with numerous trees of different old fruit varieties is also an open-air museum with sparkling crystals, rare gemstones and colourful specimens of petrified wood. The pieces worth seeing come from all over the world and enrich the landscape with millions of years old works of art from nature. The centrepiece of the collection is an amethyst that is unique in the world: it is almost five metres high, weighs around 13 tonnes and comes from Uruguay.

The surroundings of the Steinfeld region, to which Guntrams Estate belongs, are geologically very diverse. Not only do the region’s typical orchards, alluvial landscapes and graceful hill forests thrive on this terroir – for millions of years, the terroir has been the decisive creative force for beautiful crystals and fossils.

Admission is €9 per person – this price includes a €4 voucher for a purchase at the farmshop of Guntrams Estate. Owners of the NÖ Card have free admission (1x per year) and receive an additional voucher worth €4 for a purchase in the farm shop.

Opening hours of the museum: Friday, Saturday, Sunday and public holiday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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